Wedding planners in France: the art of celebrating love with serenity

May 13, 2024

In recent years, wedding planning in France has undergone a real change, with the emergence of a particularly valuable profession: that of wedding planner. Once the preserve of an elite few, wedding planning has now become more democratic, and couples are increasingly turning to these professionals to orchestrate the most beautiful day of their lives. This guide provides you with the basic details of the wedding planner profession.

The evolution of the wedding planner profession in France

Once considered an unnecessary luxury, today the wedding planner is an essential ally for those who want to have a stress-free and memorable wedding. Click on for more information about this profession. In fact, this development bears witness to a change in the mentality of the French, who now recognise the added value that these experts bring to their big day. 

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The advantages of using a wedding planner

There are many advantages to using a wedding planner. These professionals have an extensive network of quality service providers. This allows couples to benefit from the best services while staying within their budget. They ensure rigorous management of every detail, from venue selection to coordination on the big day. This allows the bride and groom to enjoy their day to the full without worrying about the unexpected. 

The different stages in the organisation of a wedding by a wedding planner

There are several stages in the organisation of a wedding by a wedding planner. First of all, after taking note of the expectations and wishes of the future bride and groom, the wedding planner draws up a detailed plan. This plan covers the choice of theme, venue, service providers, etc.

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The wedding planner then coordinates all the logistical aspects, from managing the budget to booking accommodation for guests. On the big day, the wedding planner is on hand to supervise every stage of the ceremony and ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Current wedding trends in France

The wedding industry is constantly evolving, and wedding planners need to keep abreast of the latest trends to ensure that their clients' weddings are at the cutting edge of fashion. Current trends in France include a return to nature, with country-style weddings and uncluttered settings, and a growing desire for personalisation, with themed weddings and intimate ceremonies. 

Testimonials from brides and grooms who are satisfied with the services of a wedding planner

To illustrate the importance of wedding planners in organising weddings in France, here are a few testimonials from couples who have used their services:

‘Thanks to our wedding planner, our wedding was perfectly orchestrated from start to finish. We were able to enjoy every moment without worrying about a thing!’ - Sophie and Thomas.

‘Our wedding planner was able to understand our expectations and bring our dreams to life. Thanks to her professionalism and creativity, our wedding lived up to our expectations.’ - Emma and Lucas.

In short, the wedding planner profession is playing an increasingly important role in the French wedding landscape. By offering couples tailor-made support, innovative ideas and impeccable management, these professionals help to make every wedding a unique and unforgettable experience.