Essential tips for wearing fishnet tights stylishly

January 23, 2024

Essential tips for wearing fishnet tights stylishly

Fishnet stockings, once the sartorial domain of punk rock stars and rebellious teenagers, have successfully infiltrated mainstream fashion. Their unique texture and pattern can offer a bold element to various outfits, elevating your style quotient. The art of wearing fishnets, however, lies in balancing their edginess with the other components of your ensemble. In this guide, we’ll cover essential tips for wearing fishnet tights stylishly, whether you’re pairing them with a classic little black dress, casual jeans or trendy boots.

Pairing Fishnet Tights with Different Outfits

First and foremost, the crucial step in wearing fishnets stylishly is understanding how to pair them with different outfits. Fishnets can be incredibly versatile, but it’s essential to strike a balance with the rest of your wardrobe.

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With Dresses

Fishnets pair excellently with dresses, offering a hint of edginess to an otherwise feminine outfit. If you’re wearing a plain, monochromatic dress, adding a pair of fishnet tights can instantly elevate the look, adding a new layer of texture and intrigue. For a more subdued look, try wearing them under a long dress or maxi skirt, letting them peek out just at the ankles.

With Jeans

Fishnets and jeans make a spectacular team. Go for ripped jeans and let the fishnets show through the tears, adding an unexpected twist to a casual outfit. Alternatively, wear them under short jeans shorts for a punk-rock vibe. You can even let the waistband of the fishnets peek over the waist of your jeans for an added edge.

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With Boots

Boots and fishnets are a match made in heaven. The fishnets not only add a chic element to your boots but also allow you to transition seamlessly from a day to night look. Pair your fishnets with ankle boots and a mini skirt or shorts for a fun, casual look, or with knee-high boots and a dress for a more sophisticated outfit.

Choosing the Right Color and Pattern

Fishnet tights come in a variety of colors and patterns, offering endless possibilities to experiment with your style. The key is to select the color and pattern that best complements your outfit.

Black Fishnets

A black pair of fishnets is a classic choice. They are not only versatile but also lend a sleek, sophisticated look to any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a dress, jeans, or boots, black fishnets can easily integrate with your look, providing a stylish edge.

Colored Fishnets

For those who are a little more adventurous, colored fishnets can be a fun way to inject color and personality into your outfits. Choose a color that either contrasts or complements the rest of your outfit. For example, red fishnets can add a bold pop of color to a black dress, while pastel fishnets can add a soft, feminine touch to a white dress.

Patterned Fishnets

Patterned fishnets offer a unique twist on the traditional fishnet style. From diamond patterns to floral designs, these fishnets can add a unique element to your outfit. Remember, the key is to keep the rest of your outfit simple if your fishnets are the star of the show.

How to Wear Fishnets Comfortably

While it’s important to look good, it’s equally important to feel good in what you’re wearing. Here are some tips to ensure that your fishnets are comfortable as well as stylish.

Choose the Right Size

Like any other tights or stockings, fishnets should be the right size for you. Too small, and they can become uncomfortable and constricting. Too large, and they may sag or bunch. Always check the size guide before purchasing.

Select the Right Material

Fishnets are typically made from nylon or spandex, but the quality and feel of the material can vary. Opt for high-quality fishnets that are soft and comfortable against your skin.

Wear Undergarments

Fishnets can sometimes cause chafing, especially if you’re wearing them for extended periods. To prevent this, consider wearing a pair of thin cotton tights or shorts underneath your fishnets.

Style Inspiration from Fashion Icons

Many fashion icons have embraced the fishnet trend, offering a wealth of inspiration for how to wear these tights stylishly. From Madonna’s iconic 80s look featuring fishnets and lace to modern street-style stars pairing fishnets with distressed jeans and oversized jackets, there are countless ways to wear this versatile trend. For more styling tips and outfit inspiration, consider visiting fashion blogs, scrolling through Pinterest, or even checking out the fishnet style guide on wikihow or other fashion websites.

Remember, the key to wearing fishnets stylishly is to make them work for you and your personal style. So don’t be afraid to experiment, have fun, and make a bold fashion statement with your fishnet tights.

Incorporating Fishnet Tights in Your Personal Style

One of the best parts of fashion is the opportunity to inject personal style into each outfit. Fishnet stockings are no exception. Whether you prefer a classic, edgy, or quirky style, there is a way to incorporate this versatile piece into your wardrobe.


For a classic style, a black pair of fishnet tights works best. Pair them with a little black dress and heels for a timeless, chic look. The fishnet pattern adds an interesting twist to an otherwise simple outfit.


Fishnet tights were a staple in the punk rock scene in the 80s, and they still carry that edgy vibe today. To embrace your inner rockstar, pair your fishnets with ripped skinny jeans, an oversized band T-shirt, and combat boots. Bonus points if you let the waistband of the fishnets peek over the top of your jeans.


A colorful or patterned pair of fishnets can be a fun and quirky addition to an outfit. For instance, you can pair pastel fishnets with a brightly colored tulle skirt and a graphic t-shirt. Or, you can wear a pair with a unique pattern under a pair of short denim shorts.

As you wear fishnet tights, keep in mind that they are a statement piece. They add texture and intrigue to an outfit, making you stand out from the crowd. So embrace the spotlight and let your fishnets shine!

Conclusion: Embrace the Fishnet Trend

Fishnet tights are not just a trend – they’re a fashion statement. From dresses to jeans to boots, there are countless ways to incorporate this versatile piece into your wardrobe. Whether you opt for black, colored or patterned fishnets, remember that the key is to balance them with the rest of your outfit. But most importantly, make sure they reflect your personal style.

Take a cue from fashion icons who have embraced the fishnet trend and use it to express yourself. From classic to edgy to quirky and beyond, there’s a way to style fishnet tights that suits you. So experiment, have fun and embrace the boldness of fishnet tights.

And remember, it’s not just about looking good. You should also feel good in what you’re wearing. So choose the right size, select a material that’s comfortable for you, and wear undergarments if need be.

So why wait? It’s time to step up your fashion game and rock those fishnet tights with confidence!